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Welcome to The Secular Gospel According to Jess! In this blog you’ll find everything from cartoons that make me laugh, to quotes that inspire me, to stories of my own personal experience when it comes to dealing with religion and pretty much everything in between. The title of my blog is intended to be ironic, as one doesn’t often hear the word, “gospel”, associated with secularism, but my intent is to preach, for lack of a better word, what I think gospel should really be about: love, rationalism, fairness, equality, human rights, science and truth. Enjoy!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Atheist Blogroll

My blog has been added to The Atheist Blogroll! You can see the link below. The Atheist Blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit the website below!

I highly recommend it, it's a great resource! The only bad news is now I have no life due to so much amazing reading material.


  1. Cheers on joining the blogroll. I'm a parent of twins doing my best to raise them with a solid moral foundation based on ideas of compassion, fairness, kindness, curiosity, and secularism. It's not easy protecting them here in a small town that, while close to a city is closer to the, what they call around here, "country."

    My pin's in Fuquay-Varina on the Atheist Blogmap, we'd love to have you place one as well!

  2. That's great! Yeah, my boyfriend and I talk a lot about how we would raise hypothetical future children and we both agree secular is the way to go! Luckily we are here in New York City and there is enough diversity to make the process of doing so simple enough. Good luck to you! Will definitely check our your blog, would love to hear about your parenting experiences.